Hello world!

By | January 14, 2011

If you are a developer you would understand the significance of “Hello World”, for the uninitiated, this basically means writing and running your first ever application in a new technology. So here I am, with my “hello” to the developer “world”.

Though, I have been writing about a lot of things on my personal blog, I always wanted to have a seperate area, where I could share my experiences with the developer community. Having said that, I wasnt sure of the things I could write about, as most of the knowledge that I acquired so far has been gathered from the internet itself. Everything I know has been published elsewhere already, what could I say that hasnt been said earlier?  And this very thought always held me back. But after much delibration, here I am, with a subdomain dedicated to the art of software development. So what am I gonna write about.. ?

Read on… :)

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